300px-SoulCarriedtoHeavenThis week I have had several synchronistic encounters with others who are struggling with their past and present church involvement and are questioning the hypocrisy and mixed messages they have received over the years. I am careful not to go too deep into politics or religion as they are both hot potatoes, but really what has truly happened to so many of us who can’t seem to find the comforting peace and spiritual support in a church anymore? I feel where we fail each other in that environment is we take ourselves to church. It always becomes about each and everyone of us and that we want to gain from the experience instead of giving in to sharing a collective truth of the human experience through our journey towards the eternal. It can seem like going to some of the traditional churches and synagogues has become like a dysfunctional awards system where if we earn enough points there we make it to heaven. Now, getting to heaven certainly seems like a worthy prize but does it really matter if we get there on awards travel?
As many of my readers know I talk to dead people to include my husband on the “other side” who continues to take issue with me calling him “dead”…but I digress. Shortly after he “crossed over” we had a conversation through a psychic and as he was casually explaining to me his “whereabouts” he said “Lori, there are no churches here and make sure you tell all my catholic friends that”. Well, it was a rather odd comment from him but when I reasoned with it, it made sense, why would you need a church in “heaven”? I guess just being there in “heaven” is enough for the soul. He also made a point to tell me there were no religions there either “thanks to God” he chimed in with a chuckle and also made it clear that there were no long lines to wait in for Catholics and another line for Buddhists, “here” he said “we are all one”.
Now, I know we are suppose to come to earth for the human experience but what if the human experience in a church, temple or synagogue is not fulfilling the human experience? If being on earth is a experience in evolving then aren’t we suppose to “wake up” to a more heavenly experience right here? I think that is the goal of being here on earth and that is also why so many people who are “enlightened” bolt from the church. They wake up take one look around at the people kneeling around them and realize that they are there for many wrong reasons. The realization of the divisiveness becomes even more crystal clear when you leave and are then chastised by one’s own caring and loving fellow Christians, Jews and others as a “traitor”, “lost soul”and “misguided” because you opted out and of course surely will lose all of your accumulated heavenly mileage points.
Leaving the church behind as we take the road to enlightenment can make for a lonely journey. Many who find the necessity to leave the confinement of the dysfunctional collectiveness of religion will end up taking a long road back to find the soul. No points, no miles no awards and yet some black out dates until we get to the place where we shed our belief system and eventually arrive at the middle of the soul. This is where and when we realize that heaven is not a destination but a place that resides within everyone of us when we want to go home.