?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????A spiritual life is a life of love for oneself, service and inner reflection. It is a returning to source and the connection is a journey towards enlightenment. Most who step on the path have a sense of dissatisfaction with their current life, no longer do material things and shallow relationships provide the happiness and fulfillment that one seeks. Many are looking for meaning in their lives and there is a knowing that something more is out there for the taking. We search for joy and fulfillment of our life experience by knowing that there is something beyond our own personal needs and desires. Those who seek a more spiritual life find themselves with a desire to be of service to others and to see the world as a healthy and happy place. Humility and selflessness gets one to a relationship with source energies. By learning the higher consciousness of enlightened teachings these can be incorporated into a daily routine and be absorbed into your true nature. The heart knows where the wisdom exists so it often just takes a remembering to spark the connection to all things. When one arrives at the place of no more judgement and when expectations become allowing and when true love arrives for all of humanity one has harvested joy. When one realizes that our thoughts create our perceptions and that we can control the manifestation process we arrive at the experience of seeing everything around us as a mirror of ourselves. When we forgive and forget and embrace gratitude we are well on our way to another level of consciousness. It is the spiritual journey that is a valuable treasure box and not the destination. It is a demanding place to be but it is the highest path to honor yourself and others.

The path to enlightenment is a sacred journey and having guidance can make a difference in the implementation of the next steps and be a smoother and more effective process with someone who has taken the journey before us and who can help to lead the way.