Lori, what do I need to know about contacting someone who has transitioned through a medium? 

Working with a person that has knowledge of the spiritual realm and maintaining integrity plays an integral part in keeping balance in both the seen and unseen worlds. Trusting the intuitive to insure that all sessions are done in sacred spaces and that there is reverence and respect to those on the spirit side when we enter into a connection with them is essential. Spirits express themselves best through impressions and feelings, it is the intuitives work to put those into words….not just any words but those that reflect precisely the meaning and the intent. At times there are spoken words however “painting a picture” can be a much easier form of expressing their message. After crossing over, spirits have a soul review and can access “scenes” from their life here on earth so some memories are often very clear when ours tend to diminish with time. They might change their emphasis of their perception of their life’s events as they better understand the impact they had on others during their learning process while here. This “life review” often brings to the surface many regrets of things that were not accomplished while here. Although this may be disappointing there is often not a deep sadness as where they are now they have come into the realization that it was all part of their “life plan”. Making the right connection to your loved ones is not a matter of picking up a phone and calling them, it is the intuitive’s job to connect both parties through an energetic process that requires confirmation through questions and answers in order to verify the presence through the essence of the person who has transitioned. The personality will come through very much like they were when they were here but they may come from a different point of view now as their perceptions and thoughts will be influenced by the knowledge of being on both sides. There are no guarantees in this business that a connection can be made. All of this relies entirely on the willingness of the transitioned to enter into a communication with those still here. It is entirely up to their discretion but experience shows that they are as enthusiastic to talk with you as you are to talk to them. There is often alot left unsaid when someone transitions and closing the gap of misunderstanding and misperceptions can literally change the outcome for both in their future spiritual growth.

Could you please explain the terms used to describe the gifts that you have Lori?



You are hearing a voice from your higher self or from Spirit. This “clair” is about listening after you ask a question. You have the answer. You just have to learn to listen to the voice that can guide you. Hearing in this way is quieter than hearing someone in the physical – it can be very quiet like a thought or it can be loud, as if someone is standing in front of you.


“Clear Knowing” This is when you just know something, without any evidence.  It is a sense of just knowing what it going on, you have an inherent sense that you’re right but you can’t explain it. This “clair” can be hard to distinguish, for there is no emotion attached as there is with clairsentience. The information, the ‘knowing’, is often brushed off as logic. A developed claircognizant can predict future events beyond the scope of time.


“Clear seeing” This “clair” is the ability to see past, present, future events, and angels, spirits, deceased persons, visions, past lives etc. by using our third eye. Images presented in your mind’s eye can be difficult to describe since it seems to vary between people. It may be described as seeing a movie, or a series of pictures strung together, others get flashes of images and symbols. The picture and the meaning are unique to the person having the vision.