This is a photo taken of a rainbow that appeared in Lake Ilopango shortly after I had spread the ashes of my husband on an outcrop of rocks.









One year later when we were celebrating Tino’s life and his transition at almost the same time of day another rainbow appeared and landed on the rocks in the middle of the lake.









Approximately three weeks prior to my spiritual experience it was common to see beams like this around the property. I was fortunate that someone caught this picture as it was very similar to the beam that entered my body.













Approximately one month after the beam entered my body, this beam appeared outside of my room. There is no screen on the window. I was told to open the window and that I would be initiated with light that was part of the energy from Venus. The next series of pictures is the progress of the light as it came into my room and then was infused into my heart. After receiving the light from this beam I had an out of body experience that lasted almost an hour before I returned to my body.


DSC01358DSC01362This video was taken in White Sands New Mexico by a family member. Much to their surprise they found this beam in the shot.


I often call in spirits and then take photos before and after. Here is a lovely picture of Orbs after calling in spirits.

Antartica Cruise 082









This photo was taken in Machu Pichu after a meditation session with Gregg Braden, the rainbow is the symbol of the Incas and this amazing rainbow of light showered the surrounding mountains.












Again, this lovely rainbow of light drenched the indigenous people on an island in Lake TiticacaIMG_0130








Here is a wonderful before and after photo of calling in the spirits. I was on the top of a vortex in Sedona and the first picture was taken prior to calling in spirits, the second photo was taken after I had called them in. Take notice of the little “tails” of light behind the orbs as if they are moving. This would make sense since we were at an energy vortex center.



















This is a photo of me with Tjokorda Gde Rai. He is one of Bali’s most famous healers. He does his diagnosis by focusing on pressure points around the face then he has you lay down and by using a stick focuses on the toes and applies pressure (which at times was unbearable) to release harmful energies inside your body. What an amazing experience to spend time with him.1381887_10151868083004518_1598582742_n








In this photo I am in ceremony with Ketut a healer in Bali who became famous in the movie Eat, Pray and Love











Me with Princess Rahti of Bali. She was a gracious and special guide to this wonderful spiritual country.












Two very interesting solid lights hovering over the Grand Canyon










Interesting light coming through on this Indian Child during Pow Wow in Taos, New Mexico











Note the strange flying object in front of me while I was driving in New Mexico. Later that night we experienced a very large ship hovering over our car.