nietas-146Recently my granddaughter who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy graduated from college as a special education teacher. She was very close to my husband and it was his dying wish that she graduate despite a mountain of doubt from teachers and counselors. As the graduation date neared I could feel my husband’s presence from the “other side” and the excitement of the upcoming ceremony swirling around all of us. The ceremony was very moving as she shuffled her dismantled hips through the sea of deep blue graduation gowns up to the podium where she was handed the cover that would soon hold her degree. Tears were flowing down my cheeks and the face of her mother as beams of pride emanated from our hearts into the domed arena.
I went for a cup of coffee as the multitude of names after her name continued to be read and walked by a table where they were selling flowers and felt the urge to buy a bouquet for her but for an odd reason hesitated and went back to my seat. The ceremony ended with streamers cascading from the ceiling and we left to go the meeting area. I stood near a main path that lead to the large arena and waited to see her smiling face and give her a huge hug. I was proudly basking in the amazing contribution she had made and was relieved that the too numerous to mention obstacles were no longer in her way.
I glanced down at the path we were standing on and saw a bouquet of soft peach colored roses lying on the cement. I watched the roses as hundreds of footsteps walked around them and I waited to see which pair of shoes would finally stop and pick them up but none stopped. I looked around to see the faces around me as if I would be able to spot the one that had the look of lost roses on it but nothing and no one appeared. The sweeping energy of my husband Tino came into my right ear as it so often does when there are important messages to be shared from the spirit world and the words, “pick them up, pick them up” came through with a silent urgency. I hesitated thinking they were not mine but then bent over and put them in my arms and looked with amazement of what was taking place as the next spiritual message came through “Lori, they are for our granddaughter from me, please give them to her”. The flood of tears came crashing out of my tear ducts as I slowly walked over to her and gently placed them in her arms and whispered, “these are from your grandfather, congratulations”.
She knows me well and understands that messages come through me for her and she knew there was no doubt as to where they had come from. He had pulled off one of the more spectacular connections from spirit that day. How they got there will remain a mystery to me but feeds my constant curiosity about the connection of the spirit world to the physical world in our lives. As he was leaving the scene with great satisfaction he got a quick jab in to me when he said, “see see……and I didn’t even have to pay for them!
So often we wonder if they are really with us. Especially during the holiday season we feel so alone as the memories are all we have and we sit in the numbness of what is no longer. I encourage those who are alone to look around them, see what simple gift is waiting for them from spirit. Stop looking under Christmas tree for what is no longer there and search for the connection in the simple things as that is where you find the gift of love from the other side.