I ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????guess it is time to introduce you to one of the voices my ego hangs out with, I call her the bag lady. I am telling you about her type because she has alot of friends just like her who pop in to pester my friends and clients. So, be on the look out as they have a sneaky way of debilitating you.

First the bag lady’s voice starts every so sweetly, like “are you sure you can afford the apple?” we ignore her voice and pick up the apple. Then she continues, “well so you can afford the apple today but you are getting older and will you be able to afford the apple tomorrow?”

She then partners with the ego so she can get the wondering and doubt and fear to show up and they say “you know, you better start being careful about the number of apples you consume because someday you might not have enough money to buy them. Look at you, you are out of shape, your boss doesn’t even know you exist, in fact you will probably be fired on Monday morning when you go to work and then what are you going to do? Your kids will starve and your spouse will leave you and you will be on the street.” Yep, in ten seconds you are hanging out with the bag lady. Then the brain fires off visions of you pushing a cart with your life’s belongings dangling as you look for a warm place to sleep unable to provide for yourself or anyone else.
After that, the body is now in the game and has a physical reaction and yanks you over to your desk to reconcile your bank account, you call your broker and scream at him as to why your account is not performing as well as you hoped and you ask him if you will have enough money to buy apples when you are 65. Next, you tell your spouse to stop spending money because you can’t afford to buy anything anymore since you are going to lose your job on Monday morning. Yep, that’s her again, the Bag Lady popping your big balloon of abundance with a single thought.

As much as I want to say I have conquered all the unnecessary thoughts that circle around me and that I live in blissful harmony with nature and all things, the bag lady still shows up. It always seems just when I am celebrating my abundance and taming my concerns this prosperity party pooper arrives.
I have over the years of hanging out with her, settled into a new relationship because I got tired of whenever my finances are challenging she shows up unannounced wanting me to start pushing her cart again. That is now my signal that it is time for her and I to have a chat so I sit down and have a heart to heart meeting of the minds. Her ego and my ego, face to face. I tell her I am fine, that I am rich with all things that the harvests bring and that I am in a God place where nothing is lacking. I remind myself to fill my cells with an emotional bounty of positive thoughts that feed my souls journey with a knowing that the universe will provide and I will receive.

She then leaves, I no longer have the negative energy to sustain her presence in a place of need. The peace seeps in and I grab the grocery cart with faith and optimism and walk to the produce section and grab a big bag of abundance and check out. I check out of the thoughts that bind me and prevent the doors and windows of my mind to fly open to all of the possibilities for prosperity.
So with the bag lady secured away I remove the incessant desire for all things and the resulting lack of all things. I seek fulfillment through the total satisfaction that I have everything I need at any moment in time. That way I always have a juicy apple to take a bite of today and everyday and that is enough, that is always enough.

From the other side of life,