For death is no more than a turning of us over from time to eternity. ~William Penn

Losing someone can be the most devastating event in our lives. The separation of the soul and the journey to the other dimension brings with it an enormous pain and suffering for those left behind. Many times there are things that are left unsaid, other times just the knowing that the soul has arrived and is in the gentle arms of other loving souls can bring peace and tranquility. It often seems impossible to move forward as the vacuum of space that is left behind is so expansive and lonely. Understanding the journey of the soul and that there is a continuity to our existence is a soft surrounding to a painful and broken heart. Lori has endured the long road to recovery from the loss of both of her husbands and knows first hand the difficult emotional journey that lies ahead. Going it alone can be overwhelming as others do not understand the depth of the impact of separation so having a person with knowledge of transition and answers to the subsequent questions that remain can help to bridge the gap to finding peace in the midst of extreme sadness. Don’t go it alone, there is support and help to take the next steps and rebuild a life around the amazing YOU. If you have been a caregiver, lessons in how to take care of yourself and focus on becoming your own best friend again is a noble journey to the beauty inside of all of us who have cared for others on their passage to the “other side”.