Our best decisions are limited without incorporating the nonconscious parts of our being. The use of intuition in our lives is working with the whole of who we are. By searching through the past, present and future and making the connection in a nonlinear way we are moving through life with our full potential. So, how could we possibly be making the best decisions for ourselves without including the nonconscious parts of our being? Learning to include spiritual intuition into our everyday life and using it for practical decision making is having all the resources available to guide us. Ignoring or dismissing this aspect of self is leaving aside a powerful tool for guidance Our best decisions can only be made with the whole of our being. 
The conscious mind is an expert at logic and will use it relentlessly. To the contrary tapping into unconventional energies can create a new, deeper relationship with self, help clarify that inner voice and allow you to bring your true instinctual awareness back into your rational everyday life. Lori  has a deep commitment to pinpoint accuracy and for going straight to the core to identify business, personal or spiritual issues and insure that each session provides her clientele with proven insight, clarity and vision. She gets to the big picture while illuminating strengths and weakness in reaching business and personal goals and leaves you with specific tools for getting from Point A to Point B.


Diagnostic Session: $150.00 In this session you will get an overview of where you are on your soul’s journey and the obstacles that are keeping you from reaching your full potential. You will be introduced to your guides and you will be able to ask questions and seek intuitive guidance on how to live a spiritual life. You will be given a personalized plan for healing and the next steps on your spiritual path. If after participating in this session you feel you would like to go with the spiritual coaching, this session is free. (Session runs from one to two hours).

Hourly Session/Check up: $100.00

Weekend One on One: $950.00 Includes food and lodging in a Sedona hotel and a full weekend with Lori to take a deep and intensive look at your life. You will meet your guides and understand your purpose and path and discover obstacles that are keeping you from your spiritual growth on all levels. From Friday to Sunday.

Spiritual Coaching: $900.00 for ten sessions. Let’s get started! You can choose the frequency of sessions to fit your schedule and the velocity in which you want to take a look at your inner self and plan for your own spiritual practice. You will receive concierge services pointing you to the next steps in your soul’s journey and reconnecting you with your purpose and meaning of being here at this time.

All sessions are done online through Skype or by Phone or in Person if you

are in the Sedona area.