I was referred to Lori through my mother who happens to be a close friend of hers. At the time of my consultation I really had no idea what to expect as this was my first time consulting with someone with Lori’s gifts. I was immediately floored by her ability to see exactly what I needed. I was in the beginning stages of starting a new business venture and through Lori’s talents I was able to essentially become “unstuck” in many ways. She was able to advise me how to best handle my situation given my personal strengths and weaknesses. Lori you are a bright light and a blessing to me!! I am eternally grateful!- Ashley S. -Austin, TX

“Thank you so much for your help. You are a bright light on a sunny or cloudy day. Things are now shifting and moving in positive ways. I appreciate you” Wendy, St. Louis, Missouri

“I am so excited to be on this spiritual journey with you. I find myself more aware of things everyday. I am also spending less time in my head. I have a long way to go, but feel very blessed to have you as my guide”Kim ~ Santa Cruz, CA

“I can’t express the positive effect the session had on me yesterday. I learned so much about me, self, and the illusion I’ve lived with all my life. I have a long road ahead but it’s all good and come whatever my way I welcome the growth” Katie ~ Seattle, WA

“My weekend retreat with Lori literally changed my life. She was able to tap into the core of my being and diagnose issues that I had either buried or not realized were holding me back from my true potential. Working with Lori has helped me to break down the illusion and stand firm in my true self. I was not only able to release the old, but I was also thrilled to meet my beautiful guides. I know I will be continuing to work with Lori to grow spiritually and heal all aspects of my being. The work Lori does is for every soul, every body. No matter your race, religion, creed, or thoughts, she can help you see “you” and move closer into living in pure love and light” Nikki ~ Phoenix, AZ

“My weekend intensive with Lori was profound. Lori, with input from her guides and my guides, was able to bring forward key aspects and challenges of my life and then skillfully weave them together, illuminating the patterns and identifying the sources of my Soul misconceptions. I came to realize how naïve I had been to think that I could hide my dark and limiting thoughts from Spirit, or that if brought to the open, that those beliefs would only result in punishment or abandonment. On the contrary! I heard that I am loved, that I will learn my life’s lessons and that I will be of service – and that I should stop worrying and just do my work – whew! In addition, I was given valuable tools and techniques to assist my journey and strengthen my conscious connection to my guides and to Spirit. It was an enlightening weekend that I reference often. Throughout, Lori was a gracious hostess and made me feel comfortable and supported as the process unfolded. Thank you, Lori!” Karin ~ Phoenix, AZ

“Is it possible to actually heal the soul? Rarely can one find a true healer – in every sense of that word– but in Lori Morrison you will find such a treasure. Taking you on a journey to your own Higher Self, Lori is the epitome of knowledge, wisdom and compassion. With her gifted ability to use spiritual therapy connecting the wholeness of body, mind and soul, she is an authentic guide who can help you navigate your own depths of being and becoming. Your own highest potential is waiting for you to claim and live with great joy, and Lori will be your perfect guide along that fantastic journey. I know what she has done for me and others, and I know she can bring true healing for you, too. Lori Morrison is a woman who truly cares and serves”…. Barbara, Author Beyond Religion ~ Sedona, AZ

“Lori helped answer many questions that I was having a hard time answering myself. She pointed me in the right direction on my spiritual path. I was very grateful for her time and knowledge.” Jenna ~ Phoenix, AZ

“Your ability to help people feels like a genuine gift of the Universe, as you provide your gift to others from the heart. There is a quality of unconditional love and originality unlike any other healing.” Michi ~ Cottonwood, AZ

“I am so blessed to have you in my life. Tapping into your guides and inviting my own guides to participate in my life choices has been amazing! This journey we have been on for the past two years has been exciting, hopeful, and truly life changing. I look forward to everyday, what life has to offer, the excitement of new beginnings and my ability to see what’s best for me. You are a gift from the Universe and so selflessly guiding others through their personal journeys! Peace with you always,” Pam ~ Claremont, CA

Having a session with Lori is quieting my mind and opening my heart. She has extraordinary abilities to connect with the spirit world and offer simplicity and love. I can say for sure that it was Lori who clarified my soul’s journey and helped me change many aspects of my life that were crucial for my spiritual growth. I am thankful to Lori for all of the help she has provided and I will be forever grateful.  Michela ~ Italy

Lori Morrison’s work has been deeply healing and energizing. Through various approaches, she has helped me re-calibrate, get unstuck and connect back to life with a renewed vision of positivity, hope and meaning.- Mina, New York