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My view of mental illnesses

There is no such thing as the term “mental illness” in many indigenous cultures. All illnesses have a spiritual foundation somewhere whether it be in the energetic body or related to positive and negative spiritual energies that are a part of our existence. In many cultures the ability to hear voices can be seen as a calling to spiritual work. It is important to distinguish between what is and what is not a.. Read More

The “Catholic” question ?

I have received this question again and again and I am finally going to deal with it once and for all so put on your seatbelt cause we are going for a ride into controversial territory. There is often hesitation when seeking spiritual help beyond the bible. Some clients  wrestle with their fears of going “against” the teachings of their church, especially the catholic religion. Fair enough, we have to believe in something.. Read More

Surrendering to PTSD

In my over 50 years I have spent more time with footsteps on the volcanic soil of Central America than on the varied soils of the U.S.A. Choices took me to El Salvador over 28 years ago but now I am back in the states after much personal struggle. When I decided to move it was all about being safe and when I got off the plane with my trusted cat Footsie slung.. Read More

Headline: Spiritual Warrior finds Life’s Purpose !!

This week I added a year to my stay on earth. It has been a nice 56 years walking around here hanging out with God and this pretty cool creation. With further reflection I realize however that I have spent far too much time worrying about the journey. A year ago I was living out my car from vacation rental to vacation rental in the Southwest United States on a road trip with.. Read More

My Bag Lady

I guess it is time to introduce you to one of the voices my ego hangs out with, I call her the bag lady. I am telling you about her type because she has alot of friends just like her who pop in to pester my friends and clients. So, be on the look out as they have a sneaky way of debilitating you. First the bag lady’s voice starts every so sweetly,.. Read More

Heart Space Dumpster

When my husband died, I remember one of my granddaughters coming up to me and saying “tutu, you are so strong”. Other family members would say “oh you will get through it because you are such a strong person.” So night after night I sat alone after everyone had gone home trying to be “strong” until I collapsed under all the strength I had been trying to hold on to and accumulate. Sure,.. Read More

Finding the Divine in Divorce

Finding the Divine in Divorce I have recently had some friends and family members go through divorce. I have tried to understand what gets someone to that point of wanting to take a sharp right turn out of marital bliss and into the unknown and insecurity of being alone again. I have heard all the standard arguments for why the marriage ended from both sides, which is usually a laundry list of unfulfilled.. Read More

There are no churches in heaven

This week I have had several synchronistic encounters with others who are struggling with their past and present church involvement and are questioning the hypocrisy and mixed messages they have received over the years. I am careful not to go too deep into politics or religion as they are both hot potatoes, but really what has truly happened to so many of us who can’t seem to find the comforting peace and spiritual.. Read More

Dancing through life with one high heel

When we meet the love of our life it is a merging of particles that become energetically ignited into a mass of combined energy that becomes US. We go through life with our collective molecules that weave our existence together. The energies mesh, combine, bounce off each other and we coexist in a beaming circle of light made up of frantic lottery balls bouncing around waiting to to be chosen. When your number.. Read More

A more kind and gentle space

It is a difficult scenario to face when unkind words from others enter into our space, whether it be a feeling, a thought or a spoken expression. There is first a sadness and shock that sweeps over us and then we are placed into a defensive mode as we want to stand up for ourselves. As I have struggled with unkindness there have been times that I listen to the words over and.. Read More