imagesFinding the Divine in Divorce
I have recently had some friends and family members go through divorce. I have tried to understand what gets someone to that point of wanting to take a sharp right turn out of marital bliss and into the unknown and insecurity of being alone again. I have heard all the standard arguments for why the marriage ended from both sides, which is usually a laundry list of unfulfilled needs and wants and dysfunctional behaviors in trying to achieve them. I know I simplify a complicated set of issues and emotional baggage but my real desire here is to understand the state of being that gets us to our soul mate? As with every tumultuous experience that myself or my clients and friends are going through I am always searching for the understanding of life’s lessons often hidden in the pain of it. With almost 80% of people experiencing divorce I wondered what the lesson was in divorce and why the search for one’s soul mate is so illusive.

My spirit guides shared this with me:

There is only one universal love and that is the love of self, that is what keeps us connected to the divine source of all there is. What determines who flows in our direction is based on what we are vibrating out into the world. When we start to “fall” in love it can be like a tornado spinning in a vortex, particles (people) are attracted to it and a spin occurs that takes us into a whirlwind relationship. When these two energies collide, if one or both parties are not whole the relationship is based on “need” and it is an imbalanced combination yet the force of the vortex remains and is the motion of the emotions that drive us down the aisle and to the altar. When there is a lack of wholeness spinning, the force fills the gaps and bliss is achieved at least temporarily. Spirit shows me that true love is not made up of two parts of a whole, it is instead a blend of the right combination of energies that keeps the vortex spinning in bliss. So when in the movie Jerry McGuire Tom Cruise says “you complete me” was it the right mix of particles she was attracting or his fulfillment of needs? The response from his wife Renée Zellweger was “you had me at hello” which makes the assumption that from the beginning all the energies aligned around the divine heart before the vortex started spinning.
The danger of failure occurs when the vortex slows down and the “wants” and “needs” which are the more dense particles, remain and are a drain on the wholeness of both partners and the light and airy bliss energy dissipates. When the gratitude wanes and the daily forgiveness is set aside the spinning slows down and somebody wants to get off. Many pack up their broken hearts and traumatized souls and start over their search for love outside of themselves and the spinning begins attracting another broken heart. If universal love is the divine heart inside us then that is where we need to go to find true love. In that space we can be whole and complete with ourselves and from that place the vortex we create is powerful whole and complete with ourselves and from that place the vortex we create is powerful and assured and in no need or want and we find complete souls that align with our true selves. It is there we will find the vibrational energy and resonance that is the great truth and these exquisite rhythms will bring us to eternal love of ourselves and others.
So, log on to yourself first before you hop on and make a connection to the divine love inside of you, heal your soul and satisfy the wants and needs from within and then let the true soul do the searching coming from the wholeness of the sacred place of your heart and that perfect person will come into your life WHOLE HEARTEDLY.
If you are struggling in a marriage, log on and hit the reset button by going inside and realigning the spirit of your soul and you might rewind the messy vortex you have created and instead find a soft and caressing energy that redefines where true love really comes from.
With love and blessings from the spiritual side of life.